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Payment the PayPass way

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PayPass payment

PayPass payment

Payment the PayPass way

As an issuer of PayPass bank cards, the TakarékPont network joined the successful international PayPass payment system in 2024.

What is PayPass?


PayPass payment methods are based on a contactless technology, providing a quick and easy alternative for payment at fast food joints, grocery shops, movie theaters, newsstands, cafés or gas stations.

The contactless PayPass payment technology, implemented by MasterCard in 2002, is preferable to paying smaller amounts by ordinary bank card, given that payment transactions are completed much faster. In the case of larger amounts, the PayPass card operates as a standard bank card. ATM transactions are carried out in the same way both with PayPass and ordinary cards.

You can use PayPass at 355 000 locations in 37 countries, including more than 1 500 locations in Hungary. Look for the MasterCard® PayPass™ logo.

Security and convenience

No PIN code or signature is required for purchases under 5 000 HUF (the limit may be different abroad). PayPass instruments give you a sense of security, as you do not need to hand them over to the cashier when paying. All you need to do is place them near a MasterCard® PayPass™ terminal.

What are the PayPass products available at the TakarékPont branches?

PayPass bank card

Non-embossed retail debit card that can be used both domestically and internationally as well as over the internet. Optional services include travel insurance and text message notifications.

Where can I pay with PayPass?

The nationwide development of the PayPass™ system is continuously ongoing; the number of locations is ever increasing, fuelled by the growth in PayPass users.
Check out the continuously expanding list of PayPass™ locations at the MasterCard® website.

If you wish to find out more or would like to learn about terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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