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Account management

Account management

Account management

Bank accounts and account packages tailored to your needs

Depending on your goals and needs, a number of account packages and bank cards are available to you, in addition to your basic account, at the branches of the TakarékPont network.

Having a TakarékPont retail account or account package offers you the following benefits:

  • Basic account management services in Hungarian Forint or foreign currency, provided at minimal cost 
  • 420 branches and more than 1 000 ATMs all around the country 
  • Youth account package (14+) with fluorescent bank card
  • Discounted account package for students and graduates with internet banking and a PayPass-enabled bank card 
  • Complex account package with embossed bank card, internet banking and text message services

Why having a bank card with your current account is good for you:

  • You can shop in a convenient and secure way at all domestic and foreign locations that display the logo seen on your bank card.
  • You can withdraw cash in Hungary and around the world from tens of thousands of ATMs affixed with the logo seen on your card. Withdrawal is also possible at bank branches, post offices and at all TakarékPont locations.
  • You can just withdraw the amount you need, while the rest of the money in your account continues to accrue interest.
  • You can easily top up your cell phone at more than 1 000 ATMs operated by the Integration of savings cooperatives.
  • You can track your finances by means of real-time account information via text messages.

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