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Who are we? What do we want? What do we offer?

Rajkai Takarék is the cooperative strong financial partner of the people_nation living in our area getting organized on a basis. The financial institution of nearly 1000 of our capital proprietors. One for which thank you can be said to our members Győr Moson one of Sopron county loan offices with largest membership we are.

We carry a responsibility increased because of this for the economy of our function district, its continuous strengthening.
Our roots are attached to the people_nation living here tightly since 52 years. What characterize our business relationships is this spatial and emotional proximity punctually.
Our colleagues strive for a healthy confidential relation taking shape with our clients in a friendly manner, and committed. Personal counsel cut to fit the individual claims which can be based on this basis and service.

We make the road that our clients, our partners, our members should be allowed to come in for the most full service free in 2011 years.
Our cooperative bank celebrated the 50. anniversary of his existence in 2008. Those 110 members, who 1958. December they decided about it on 17, that in the frontier village from 100 Ft a cooperative financial institution is founded, they did not give a thought to it, that their initiation a half enmeshes full Győr-Moson-Sopron county then after a century.

Takarékszövetkezet, which insured a slow increase through 30 years, operated communal units only initially, but laid the foundations for his grounds on the space of the financial services.
The area bordered by Slovakia and Austria did not make Takarékszövetkezet expansion possible in all directions, because of this towards Hungary's inside we marked it strategy our developments some, that we did not offend the adjacent cooperative banks' interests.
The urban extension started in the 1990 years first Mosonmagyaróvár, then Csorna, Kapuvár and an end took aim at Győr.

2007. December Sopron city and the parishes of his neighbourhood got to our scopes of operation with Pereszteg and Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet merger from 31. Our predecessors, the bases placing the 50 year jubilees may have been imagined more nicely, since our cooperative bank turned into the country's 4. largest cooperative loan office.

Following the union more than we provide living for 100 employees. 886 of our capital members mean a safe basis to the cooperative character. Our broadening No. municipal account leadership, our entrepreneurial, population client number academic specialisationwise more, than means 25.000 heads to our financial institution, for the overall service of who we aim locally,.
The people_nation living on the country may not be his secondary citizens for the country, because of this we provide all of the financial services locally and we favour the civil organisations, clubs compared to our strength,

Foundations.the country integrated in the 2009 year his cooperative banks averagely 3,4%, Győr -Moson-Sopron county cooperative banks averagely 4,8%, our cooperative bank 8,7% was growing. We finished this measure between the first ones.
Our market share in the county 23,8% expanded. Our profit the plan 26,7% exceeded it. Our reserves more, than he managed to expand it by 300 million Ft the greatness of our guaranty capital 2.008 a million Ft.

In a 2024 year our Takarékszövetkezet increase 5,3% was. In the investment branch, which is an item, 5 apart from balance,,1%we handle substance. The integrated cooperative banks the increase of a balance sheet total 1,3% was.

The cooperative bank in Győr-Moson-Sopron share close 25%. We are doing on the edge of the county ranking with our profitability, since we managed to achieve 281 m of Ft result. 109 our capital full-time employees one by one averagely 2,58 million Ft results were realize.in a 2011 year our Takarékszövetkezet increase 8,2 % was. Our investment branch expanded by nearly 1 billion Ft in addition to this. The development of the integrated Takarékszövetkezet 2,2 % was.
The greatness of 2011. yearly support 27,3 a million Ft, for which enjoying organisations and local governments were our clients, undertakings, civil one.

I say thank you for the confidence with which we knew it to this level to our clients, our partners to develop our financial institution. I thank them for helping sole Hungarian Takarékszövetkezet in a property, which gives energy to us, with a capital. I thank him for having visited our website. Trust it, that finds one like that between our financial services, which one you steps between our clients claimed.

I ask our future clients to claim their financial services at us. The most modern products, the permit of the full financial activities are at our disposal in a forint, a foreign exchange equally. Our applied information technology program audited.
With fair and elastic administration and we prove that the primary one is the client's request, his service at us with Saturday's opening hours in our urban units.

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